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Termite Services

Are you selling or refinancing your home?

Alias The Bugman will schedule and complete the inspection and required wood infestation reports.  If we do find that there is a termite problem  we will treat and put forth preventative measures to alleviate even the toughest infestation. Want to keep your home from a termite infestation?  Alias The Bugman can provide you with preventative bait stations to help ensure that your home will remain termite free.  

      Termites are in your neighborhood!

Subterranean termites are native to our state.  A colony may include up to several million individuals, living as deep as 20 feet underground, feeding on cellulose-based material, such as wood.  Termites find that human dwellings offer the ideal combination of warmth, moisture and food.  Only a trained professional understands the complexity of a termite colony.  Call Alias The Bugman if you are experiencing any trouble with termites. We are certified to complete home inspections for all kinds of homes including HUD, and those financed by FHA or VA loans.